Submitted Manuscripts

Turi, G., M. A. Alexander, N. Lovenduski, A. Capotondi, J. D. Scott, C. A. Stock, J. P. Dunne, J. John, and M. G. Jacox. Response of O2 and pH to ENSO in the California Current System in a high resolution global climate model. Submitted to Ocean Science.


Peer-Reviewed Publications


Siegelman-Charbit, L., J. A. Koslow, M. G. Jacox, E. L. Hazen, S. J. Bograd, E. F. Miller, and J. A. McGowan (2018), Physical forcing on fish abundance in the southern California Current System, Fisheries Oceanography, accepted.

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Other Publications

Harvey, C., N. Garfield, G. Williams, K. Andrews, C. Barceló, K. Barnas, S. Bograd, R. Brodeur, B. Burke, J. Cope, L. deWitt, J. Field, J. Fisher, C. Greene, T. Good, E. Hazen, D. Holland, M. Jacox, S. Kasperski, S. Kim, A. Leising, S. Melin, C. Morgan, S. Munsch, K. Norman, W. T. Peterson, M. Poe, J. Samhouri, I. Schroeder, W. Sydeman, J. Thayer, A. Thompson, N. Tolimieri, A. Varney, B. Wells, T. Williams, and J. Zamon (2017), Ecosystem Status Report of the California Current for 2017: A Summary of Ecosystem Indicators Compiled by the California Current Integrated Ecosystem Assessment Team (CCIEA). U.S. Department of Commerce, NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS-NWFSC-139. [pdf]

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